10 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Company Background

Since its inception in 2013, MCM Group has helped over 200 different brands develop their marketing strategies. The MCM Group has many years of experience in dealing with more than 18 different kinds of industries: from catering to maternal and child, healthcare, general services, and many more. The MCM Group has transformed itself from a social media marketing company model to an e-commerce giant that focuses primarily in the health care industry.

After the successful switch to the e-commerce model, MCM Group primarily sells health products and also deals in the health service industry. MCM Group also plans to provide medical services to those in need in the near future. By utilizing our e-commerce knowledge in the healthcare industry, you can now become a market leader with us!

2019: MCM Group reaches a total performance of 4 million!
2020: MCM Group reaches a total performance of 18 million!
2021: MCM Group reaches a total performance of 50 million!
2022: MCM Group reaches a total performance of 60 million!
The highest record achieved in a single month was as high as 8 million!

Adhering to the spirit of “innovation” and establishing Malaysia as a foothold, we look towards the world to create a new generation and era of e-commerce!

Company Vision, Mission & Core Value

Our Subsidiaries

MonkeyCloud Media

Social Media Marketing Agency


Film Production Agency


Medicine Service Platform


Physical Store

Our Collaborations

1. LifeTree Asia

MCM Group and LifeTree Asia started their collaboration in 2018. Their partnership together grew to a total revenue of 30 million in 2021. Today, the company manages 5 types of healthcare products which are currently among the leading health industry brands in Malaysia.

2. MejorCare

This is a project initiated by MCM Group and an OEM brand company, mainly to gather and connect exceptional talents suitable for their projects. In the first year of cooperation, the total performance reached 15 million.

3. EziHealth

This project is an entrepreneurial project within the company. Founded and invested by MCM Group, it assists the internal nutritionist team to focus on online health care services, combined with the e-commerce model, to develop entrepreneurial opportunities.

4. J2O

J2O is one of our marketing company which focus on online-to-offline business model, by bringing our online product to offline. Currently, J2O has partnered with approximately 30 offline retailers.

Our Management Team

Jackson Khoo

Company Founder
Director of Management and Marketing

“I prefer to teach the team how to fish rather than to feed them directly. And rather than telling the team what to do, I encourage them to learn to think, identify problems, solve them, and then think about what to do next. Do adhere to the market as the central focus and implement the most effective marketing communication. Only by knowing ourselves and the enemy can we be victorious!”

Abby Tiew

Director of Project Operations at LifeTree
Executive Director of Finance and HR

“As the project operation director, I give a clear execution direction and clarify the project expectations for the team. This provides them with a clear and consistent goal to better perform their tasks.

I believe that by understanding each person’s strengths, weaknesses and potential, while also maintaining a keen listening ear for suggestions from everyone in team will allow us to truly operate as a fully functioning team and improve the overall execution of a project’s goal.”

Ng Way Nee

General Manager

“My team consists of two departments: customer service and operations, so I pay great attention to team spirit and try my best to maintain a positive attitude at all times. I also encourage the team to communicate and provide feedback, so that the entire department can operate efficiently, effectively and improve at the same time.

As the director of the operation department, I firmly believe that an e-commerce enterprise will have better performance and effectiveness with the incorporation of a set of standard operating procedures!”

Amanda Yew

Nutrition Team Leader / Pharmacist

“Leading a team of nutritionists with a clear and common goal while maintaining a professional, open and supportive attitude is of key importance to me. By encouraging the team to share difficulties encountered, and providing appropriate advice, I try my best to support my team and ensure that they are always there for each other. By combining professional pharmaceutical and nutritional knowledge with e-commerce, my team and I surely create a new generation of healthcare services under an advanced and innovative e-commerce model!”

Tan Lee Chin

Customer Service Manager

“In order to achieve better results together, communication and encouraging the exchange of strategies and directions are crucial. Customer service is important. Understanding the market and the existing potential needs of customers while improving high-quality customer service management will give businesses a greater advantage in market competition.”

Tung See Yeok

Copywriting Manager

“My team’s focus is to constantly improve their copywriting skills – to be able to solve marketing problems and elevate brand presence with the power of words. I encourage the team to have personal copywriting ideas, to express life experiences with their own feelings, and incorporate them into relevant products and services.

Whether it is copywriting construction, word choice, title, etc. Never limit the copywriter’s imagination.”

Tiffany Khoo

Finance Manager

“As a financial manager, it is important to keep up with the rapidly changing market and be able to adapt, innovate, and find efficient solutions to problems. Understanding the situation of each department and listening to their ideas is crucial for effective communication and developing strategies to enhance execution capabilities. “

Elmo Tan

Marketing Manager

“I constantly encourage marketing professionals to challenge norms, promote creativity and innovation. I believe that a team should not be limited by its own perceptions, and I hope to create an environment where creative individuals can thrive.

The ultimate goal is to use the power of marketing to enhance public awareness of health, challenge norms, and contribute to the progress of the health industry.”

Branch Partners



No 23-2, Jalan Warisan 1 Taman Warisan 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

Phone Number:

+6010 – 784 8339 (Ms. Klay)



NO 5, Jalan Komersial Ian 2, Industri Angkasa Nuri, Durian Tunggal, Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka.

Phone Number:

+6011 – 3333 3502

Recruiting Talent

1. Online Customer Service

Job Scope

  • Working Hours: Shift Rotation for Team Collaboration
  • Respond to customers within 30 minutes
  • Daily response rate of at least 90% or above
  • The monthly turnover rate needs to be at least 10% or more

Job Requirements

  • Self-disciplined with a positive and proactive mindset
  • At least one year of online sales experience
  • Must be able to read and write in Mandarin (English proficiency is a plus)
  • Good communication, follow-up and sales skills
  • Ability to solve and handle customer complaints and other issues

2. Advertising Designer

Job Scope

  • To design e-commerce-based advertising graphics
  • 5 to 7 photos or 2 – 3 sets of social media visuals required per day
  • Regular meetings with the team to discuss new opinions and ideas
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (Five working days)

Job requirements

  • At least one year of relevant work experience
  • Full of creativity and new ideas
  • A strong sense of team spirit, curious and eager to learn and breakthroughs

Partnership with MCM Group

We welcome:
Any creative, innovative project, brand or product collaboration related to the health sector, including:

  • Health-related services
  • Health-related technology
  • Health-related brands
  • Unique health products

As long as you meet any of the above, or other products and services related to [Health Industry], you are welcome to contact us to discuss further details.

Cooperation resources we provide:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Talent and capital
  • OEM manufacturers
  • Data in the industry of health

Combining innovative thinking and comprehensive e-commerce marketing services, it transforms goods or services into market demand and opens up new business opportunities for e-commerce in the health industry.

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